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Chims Guest House is the centre of black bear country.  Here is a video captured from our Chims (bear) camera, located at the front entrance of the guest house. 



Tseshaht territory is surrounded by wilderness and is home to black bears. It is not uncommon to see bears at the Chim's Guest House. Visitors need to recognize that being around wild animals can be exciting and scary if you do not know how to keep yourself safe. 


There are a few things guests should pay attention to when encountering a bear: 

  • Back up slowly. Never turn your back on a bear, or run. ...

  • Stay calm. If the bear sees you, talk in a low, calm voice and then regardless if it has seen you or not.

  • Jingle your keys or have some sort of noisemaker... bears do not see very well. 

  • Do not stare. ...

  • Always look both ways when leaving your car or the guest house, especially at night.

  • Give it space. ... Never approach it! 

  • Never come in between a mom and her babies

  • Use your bear spray as it approaches.

  • Play dead or fight back.

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